Telecaster-style guitar DIY build
I just finished building a guitar. Mainly for the lulz. Plays and sounds pretty nice, too. Anyways, here's some pics:

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(n) Modular Synth - Step A done.
After skipping a few update steps here (too lazy/busy) here's what the modular looks like at the moment :-)

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(n) Modular Synth - Finally, the VCO
Not the last module, but still I finally got my courage up to build the VCO.


Stuffed. Even the footprints of the caps all matched. Nice.

There was actually a semi-challenging part to this build. Farnell was out of the tempcos, so I got the same model in a different package. Let's just say soldering wires to a 1.6mm x 0.8mm component is not a lot of fun...

...especially not after 6 cups of coffee.

What's next? Well there isn't a lot left. We'll see.

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(n) Modular Synth - The VCA
I decided on doing the VCA next. Mainly cause I'm a pussy and the VCO and midibox scare me. And I didn't wanna jinx my roll by building something that actually requires skill :-)

The bare pcb. Déjà vu.

Stuffed the hell outta that one.

Added ghetto panel and some wiring. Why are only some knobs on there? Cause with the knobs the panels doesn't fall over while soldering the wires, simple as that.

Okay, all of these modules worked pretty much right away. I think I'll end the streak by building the VCO next.

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(n) Modular Synth - The LFO
Next up is the LFO, let's see how this goes.

The bare pcb.

Stuffed, this is getting old...

Pre-wiring ghetto panel. For some reason I haven't taken any pics of it with the wiring done. So instead, we'll take a look at what the rack looks like so far ;)

The LFO also worked. Fun little bugger. What's next? I think the VCO.
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(n) Modular Synth - The Steiner VCF

That's the bare pcb.

Fully stuffed.

And another ghetto temporary panel, so I can already do the wiring...

And some wiring shots:

To my surprise this one worked right away as well :-) I am on a roll. Let's keep going...
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(n) Modular Synth - Making the case

A modular synth needs a case, so I went to the super store and bought some stuff.

Wood pieces cut and pre-drilled and ready to be glued and screwed.

Screwing the side pieces together...

Mounting the strip of wood that'll hold the panels.

Glue is always good. It's also very tasty!

Glued and screwed.

Finished case, shown from the front.

Finished case after applying the first coat of wax. I like wood wax. Not quite as tasty as glue, but still nice.

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(n) Modular Synth - The Envelope Generator
Now it's time to build the second module (PSU was first). I went for one of the smaller and easy to test/debug ones. Yes I am a pussy.

That's the PCB once more.

All parts mounted. Yay.

My ghetto test panel. Purty, isn't it?

This is how I plan to mount the PCBs to the panel. On modules without pots I am screwed, I guess.

PCB mounted to the ghetto panel and some of the wiring done.

And that's how I test stuff atm.

Turns out, the envelope works nicely and as expected. Hooray #2.

Some updates:

Now with the preliminary panel :-)

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(n) Modular Synth - The PSU
The first module I assembled was naturally the PSU. Makes testing a lot easier if you have power ;-)

This, again, is the bare PCB for the PSU.

That's the assembled PSU. You think the heatsinks will be big enough? ;-)

Top-down view of the PSU, the two power LEDs (one per rail) are not yet connected. Duh.

The fused mains socket and switch. All nicely isolated because I don't really like electrocuting myself. 230VAC is ouchy.

And that's the whole thing with the transformer. Done.

Tested and working nicely. Phew. that's a good start. Let's hope the rest works out as well.

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(n) Modular Synth - Ready, Set, Go!
I'll document the building of my modular synth here. It's mainly going to be pictures, because I am too lazy to type.

Sooo, the parts and PCBs got here. This is one of the three boxes of parts I got. All the parts were ordered from reichelt, musikding and farnell. I got the the knobs off ebay.

This is the pile of parts. Thank god reichelt (where I got most of the parts) ship all the different values in different bags. Conrad has a tendency to just throw all the stuff into a box....

That's the PCB which contains 9 modules. Yes, it's missing the part names, because I am an idiot :-)

And that's the PCBs after I cut the up with a handsaw.

All of them have my logo, teehee.

Moving on to the different modules:

The PSU. +-15V regulated at ~1A.

A headphone amp. Always handy.

An envelope generator.

VCA with uni-/bipolar option.

Steiner VCF, bwowowowow.

MIDIbox CV + aout_ng + DIN module. My MIDI2CV module. More info on it can be found at and

The VCO, would suck not to have one, eh? Why did I take this pic with the PCB turned 180°? Dunno.

An LFO. Can you ever have enough CV sources?

And that's a mixer. Whee.

Well that's the PCBs. Next up: Assembling and testing them.
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