(n) Modular Synth - Ready, Set, Go!
I'll document the building of my modular synth here. It's mainly going to be pictures, because I am too lazy to type.

Sooo, the parts and PCBs got here. This is one of the three boxes of parts I got. All the parts were ordered from reichelt, musikding and farnell. I got the the knobs off ebay.

This is the pile of parts. Thank god reichelt (where I got most of the parts) ship all the different values in different bags. Conrad has a tendency to just throw all the stuff into a box....

That's the PCB which contains 9 modules. Yes, it's missing the part names, because I am an idiot :-)

And that's the PCBs after I cut the up with a handsaw.

All of them have my logo, teehee.

Moving on to the different modules:

The PSU. +-15V regulated at ~1A.

A headphone amp. Always handy.

An envelope generator.

VCA with uni-/bipolar option.

Steiner VCF, bwowowowow.

MIDIbox CV + aout_ng + DIN module. My MIDI2CV module. More info on it can be found at http://www.ucapps.de and http://www.midibox.org

The VCO, would suck not to have one, eh? Why did I take this pic with the PCB turned 180? Dunno.

An LFO. Can you ever have enough CV sources?

And that's a mixer. Whee.

Well that's the PCBs. Next up: Assembling and testing them.
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