theGIMMICK - User manual
This is a minimal user manual for theGIMMICK guitar tuner. Read More...
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theGIMMICK - pic-based DIY guitar tuner
Whee! Fresh project, just finished :-)

theGIMMICK is a DIY PIC16F84A-based chromatic guitar tuner. The PCB is roughly 40x60mm so the whole thing can be built into a regular sized stomp box.

A mockup of how it could (and will as soon as I get the case delivered) look in a stomp-box case:

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Another majorly uniteresting blog. Bleh.
Okay, don't get me wrong - I still hate blogs. And I solemnly swear I won't start rambling about, erm, stuff. I just chose this platform because I'm too lazy to actually maintain a "regular" webpage.


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